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How to Write Personal Statement for University Application?
Keywords: (UCAS), USAC application form, personal statement
University and College Admissions Services (UCAS) is a UK based organisation that started in the late-twenties. The main purpose of UCAS is to facilitate the student admission process in different British universities. The UCAS performs its duty by operating an online application process.
The USAC application form has a different portion where students have to write appropriate information about skills, achievements, course, and plans. The integral part of the UCAS application is the personal statement form. A personal statement is a very crucial part of the application because it makes the candidate stand out from other applicants.
The purpose of the personal statement in the UCAS application form is to get a brief introduction about student ambition and passion besides their general biodata. But it also seems that personal statement form helps Universities to choose the right candidate for the right course. To account
the importance of the personal statement, USAC conducted research on 300,000 student’s application. The result was quite surprising, student’s personal statement considered an integral part of the application process as their grades.
The USAC application allows you to write a personal statement in just 4000 characters. Creating a personal statement makes you confident to qualify among the countless applicant having the same experience and skills.
This article will provide you with some tips write an eye-catching personal statement for UCAS application that convinces the higher authority that they should make an offer immediately.
Tip#1 Use Keywords that Nails your application:
According to USAC researched, keywords that most of the students used in their application divide them into two categories. One category contains a carrier oriented student and other passionate students. Those students who used words like job, carrier, and salary are more curious about getting a job rather than admission in a respected university. Whilst those students who write about their passion, plan and enthusiasm about their subject imparts an excellent impression on reader minds.
Research conducted by UCAS also reveals that a student that enrolled in arts subjects, use more artistic words that showcase their passion towards the profession rather than money. But those students who are applying for accounting and business-related subject shows concern more towards money rather than passion.
Tip#2 Start with an impressive sentence:
To write an impressive personal statement in UCAS application you must have to focus on introductory lines that smash your application. Initial lines of your introduction are vital for your
application if you want to be accepted by your desired university. Make sure to use appropriate words that elaborate more about your passion from the start of the application.
Tip#3 Summarize your interest in a particular course/University:
After introducing yourself, you have to mention why you are interested in a particular course and university. You have to write specific words that showcase your enthusiasm about the subject. It is also necessary to write about your long term carrier goals and objectives that you want to achieve after completing the course. The UCAS application data reveals that those students who showcase more entrust in future application of course rather than showing their personal in trust have a great chance to get admission.
Tip#4 Make an impression by skills and experiences
To fit into the criteria of course that you want to join, you must have to add your skills and experiences in the personal statement form of UCAS application. The principal role of skills and experiences in a personal statement is to provide an impressive representation of a candidate in front of the admission committee. Make sure you have the right skills and experience that correlates with your desired course. The experience required for the relevant course shows your specificity about the course and it will increase your chance of selection.
Tip#5 Use words that sound more professional
The personal statement in UCAS application must be sound professional and in your own voice. It is difficult for foreign students to write an application that sound professional as English is not their native language. To write an application in a professional manner use words ‘accomplish’ ‘presume’ instead of ‘complete’ ‘do’ and ‘think’. Usage of too many fancy words will overload your statement and make it difficult to understand. So write simple, unique, and attractive wording in your own voice
Tips#6 Just focus on your real strength
You just have 4000 words to engage, elaborate, and showcase your potential to university. So use them wisely, you don’t have enough words to waste them in repeating the sentence. You have to be careful while utilizing your chance to convince the audience for accepting your application. Don’t ever try to write about the skills and experience you don’t have. Be honest with your work it will be more beneficial for you rather a fake statement about your previous work.
Tip #7 Follow the right pattern
For better writing content that also provides strength to your personal statement, you have to make a clear pattern that makes a connection between all paragraphs. For attractive and engaging content for your personal statement application in UCAS, you have to follow a unique pattern. Try to write skills after your brief introduction, then give elaboration about your skills and experiences. After that write your reason for selecting the particular course. At the end tell them your future plan after completing the course. In this pattern, your skills, experience, and future plan are arrange in a manner that grabs the attention of readers. This will help in engaging the audience to your application.
Tip#8 Future plans reflect your passion
You must have to make a clear picture in mind regarding your future plan. Most universities show their interest in reading the future plan in the application form. Make sure don’t write anything about money or business-related term that makes you a carrier oriented students in front of the university.
Try to write things that co-relates with your course work. Make a future plan according to your course work. This will helpful for creating an image that showcases your passion for the practical application.

Buy Pet Accessories from Online
Keywords: Pet accessories, pet accessories Australia, pet accessories online, buy pet accessories online, buy pet accessories, pet accessories for dogs, and pet accessories for cats

Humans are more caring and loving towards animals. Therefore a strong bond seems in between humans and their pets. Pets owner always try to protect and secure their pets. Owners always keen to buy pet accessories that help in the protection and development of their pets.
Online stores now provide an easy and affordable way of buying products at a distance of just one click. Numerous types of pet accessories according to the pet’s needs and health condition are available online. According to research, there are more than 10,000 stores in America that sell pet accessories online. Online stores make ease for pet owners to buy pet accessories online by using different web portals. Pet’s owners can buy pet accessories under variable categories of pets such as cats, dogs, birds, horse etc. These accessories are available at affordable prices that one can buy them easily.

Every single pet has its psyche and physical nature that make them different from others. These portals are not only providing pet accessories but also guide pet owners about the health condition of their pets and provides expert guidance about the right product. After consultation by an expert, it seems easy for an owner to buy products online.
An online store for pet accessory (Australia) provides more than 17000 pet accessories for dogs and cats.
Dog often being described as ‘man’s best friend’. But dogs, as well as other animals, will befriend with anyone who will give them the love and care. Most of the people love dogs and therefore there are thousands of blogs on their breed, accessories, food, behaviour etc.
There are the following most important pet accessories for dogs that are available on any pet accessory online stores.

Pet accessories for Dogs

1. Dog Harness:
Traditional leads can cause damage to the dog’s neck as well as its long usage will lead to damage to the dog’s bone. Moreover, when it comes to walking with an aggressive and zesty dog that can not easily control by a lead only. The harness will provide better control on excited dogs. You can control your dog during walking on the road via harness rather than using lead. By applying the safety harness to your dog, it does not only provide a safe walk but also train your dog not to jump off.
3. Dog leash:
As an owner, the leash is one of the most important pet accessories for dogs. It helps in teaching the dog’s manner and keeps them out of the traffic. It is mostly made up of synthetic leather-like material that wipes, wash and dries immediately.
4. Pet Mat for dogs:
Pet mats for dogs, it sounds crazy, because dogs always try to scratch and dig. There is a special type of pet mats available at different pet accessories online stores. These mats are made up of material that can be washed and dry.
5. Feeder Bowls for dogs:
The feeder is available for dogs that essentially slow down dogs during eating, decreasing the chance of choking. These bowls are available in maze-like shape and in different colours

Pet accessories for cats

Cats are famous as pets as compare to dogs. There are more than 16 million cat owners in the USA. Research shows that the family cat helps them to grow with compensation and patience. Therefore most people prefer cats over dogs. For a cat owner who worries about their right feed, can take relieve by becoming smarter and aware of the cat’s needs. This can be done by reading blogs on cat food, behaviour, and health. Online pet accessories shops are also the best way to get awareness about pet accessories for cats
Following are some accessories for cats that are available in online stores.
Carrier bags for cats:
Leaving your pet alone at home may develop anxiety in them. Travelling with pets make them feel better as compared to keep them at home. To make a trip with your favourite kitty, you need carrier bags for cats. They are designed to sort out different travelling problems. They are available in the online market place. You can buy theses breathable carrier bag and take your pets with you in anywhere.

Pet Feeder for cats:

An automatic pet feeder is available at online pet accessories stores. The special techniques that make it different from other accessories are their direct linking to smartphones. By using these type of feeders, pet’s owner can take a record of ingredients in cat’s foods.
Comfortable beds for cats:
Comfort for animals is the priority for an owner. To get happy and relaxed pets, you must have to build comfortable bed zoon for your cats. To increase that you might like some natural bed designs for kitties. Cat cave is one of them. It is available in online stores and it is made off 100% natural wool.
Litter Box that helps your pets to clean:
For every pet, owner cleanliness is the most important factor. Although cats are a very clean animal. But they just need a clean and comfortable environment to get rid of their duties. A traditional cat box is unpleasant to place inside the home. To get rid of this problem the self-cleaning litter box helps cats to eliminate in a clean environment and allows owners to get rid of the traditional cleaning process. As cats are most favourable pets among all other animals, the market is full of cat accessories. There are different kind of self-cleaning litter box that are easily available online stores.
360 Drinking Fountain:
This type of fountains is made for pets to get enough water to stay healthy. These fountains contain five changeable falling steam style. It also has a self-clean system that eliminates all the dirt and fur from the water.
The Cat Scratching Post/ Tree:

Every animal love to play with different types of toy. Cats cannot stay at home in just one position. They love to scratch and scratching post are the best option to encourage them to move. Mostly scratching pots are in tree shape that also best fit as home decor.

Keyword: Self Storage

After getting more established, general we will start collecting different things. Think back 10 years after the fact, at that point, you can't likely set foot in your carport with all the stuff you've collected.
When you organize your stuff for storing either a long time or a short time, you need to ensure that you store your things accurately. Moreover, packaging and arranging your things will lead to a last longer. Pressing the cases is likely the most significant assignment while sorting out a self-storage unit. There are a few things that can enable you to do it like a genius. What's more, here they are:
Plan ahead of time
Before you begin doing anything, make an arrangement of how you place the containers and furniture inside your unit. Perhaps you can compose your stuff for the gift.
Be sorted out
Prior to packing your things, make a recheck and appoint every particular object to the proper box. Make names for each container and join these marks on all sides of the crate, just as to the highest point of the case.

While finishing the rundown, additionally record the assessed substitution cost for each, particularly in the event that you need to take moving protection for your things. The things that can break, but the "delicate" stickers on that particular box.
Do whatever it takes not to waste space
Notwithstanding, you ought not to fill it with overwhelming articles so it won't be simple for you to convey them. When pressing, first fill the container with substantial articles, and afterwards fill them with lighter things.

Deal with accessibility
Organized the crates in such a way, so you can without much of stretch access each case. Try not to store piles of boxes beside one another.
Dismantle the furnishings to spare space
On the off chance that you have to store cupboards, take every one of their parts off and place them in one spot.
You can Spare much space as could reasonably be expected
Make more space in the capacity cabinet, utilizing empty regions of enormous furnishings. For instance, you can put a crate or two in the storeroom.

Avoid unpleasant circumstances
Ensure you have enough dampness safeguards in your unit. All things considered, you don't need rodents and mice to keep running over your stuff and chop them.
When pressing books, utilize littler shelves, and don't place them in one enormous box. Keep books level in drawers, not remaining behind, with the goal that their spikes are not harmed.
Abstain from utilizing plastic packs
Putting things in fixed plastic sacks may appear as though a smart thought however it can really welcome buildup.

Pack books keen:
When pressing books, utilize littler book boxes instead of putting them across the board huge box. Store the level of the book in the crates instead of remaining on end with the goal that their spines won't be harmed.

Keep away from a watery wreckage
Freezers and fridges ought to be put away with the entryway marginally open. Electrical apparatuses ought to be totally dry– defrost coolers and iceboxes, channel clothes washers totally.
Ensure about the things that can break
Pack the glassy things in pressing paper or wrapping paper. Wrap the mirrors and edges with some defensive material. It is likewise essential to ensure your centrepieces. On the off chance that you need assistance, locate the best tips for pressing artistic work.

Keyword: Canvas Stretching
Today every painter knows about canvas stretching. It is just a simple structure of cotton duck extended from the four sides into an instructed epidermis. It is the painted format of choice for over 500 years. The canvas stretching was introduced to allow painting on an appreciable level.
Canvas is a truly steady surface to paint on. As the weave of the cotton or material can move and stretch as important when the paint is used on the surface.
What is the purpose of Canvas stretching?
The canvas is stretch for framing purposes. So the reason numerous Artists utilize stretch canvases and it is mostly because of more extensive accessibility.
Why do most of the artist use stretch canvas?
According to history, during the Renaissance (14th to 17th century) period artist began to choose canvas for their paintings. Canvas stretching provides benefits including durability and portability.
It is worth to consider that canvas stretching was a luxury in past years but they are now more affordable. Preceding the accessibility of canvas Artists frequently utilized timber, Masonite, or even cardboard as a component to support.
Why should you use canvas stretching?
An artistic creation or print on canvas, in contrast to deals with paper, has a structure and shape all its own. A significant motivation behind a canvas stretching is to finish a look, not to meddle with the original work of an artist.
How canvas stretching works?
The most straightforward customary canvas stretcher is made of wood onto which the attaching edges of the work of art are fixed with nails, staples, strings, or paste. This causes pressure to focus in the corners, where the closeness of the stretcher on different sides point out the problems.
The stretch painting’s that may impressively increase with canvas is supported by the stretcher bars and corners, that need to give satisfactory unbending nature to the framework.
A canvas without stretching
For canvas artistic creations, the suspension of the texture is of fundamental significance. A well-stretched canvas is a well-suspended one. If canvas suspension isn't uniform all through, varieties in pressure and strain on fabric will result. These pressure will lead to breaking, and chipping of the structural layers.
Well-ordered and Important Canvas Stretching Technique
The well-organized canvas can be prepared by following steps
1. Select a workspace with great light and mobility. Set up a spotless enormous worktable, sawhorses, or flood zone.
2. For effective stretching, the studio space must be close adequately with the goal that some moderate condition might be kept up all through the technique. Perfect conditions for painting materials lie in the range of 64-76ºF and 44 to 55% relative humidity.
3. Unroll the canvas, contemplate the texture, and decide the direction of the weave.
4. Lay the stretcher over the texture. Then measure the edge that will be required.
5. Spot the texture on the stretcher and line up the parallel pencil lines with the external wood dot.
6. Set the four corners of the texture, with the help of the pins. Along the exterior of the stretcher to the quick left and right of each corner. Prejudge as most ideal the strain foreseen when every one of the pins would be set up.
7. Remove the inside pins, leaving the whole centre of the canvas free, as this would have an impact upon the canvas stretching.
8. Beginning from the corners, utilize the canvas forceps to slowly urge and stretch the texture. Stay away from quick, commanding developments; these could break the preparing or strings. Secure edge with pins.
9. Keep moving to inverse areas and keep extending from the corners internal.
10. Focus on the pencil rules all through the extending procedure; they ought to adjust straight and parallel to the external globule, demonstrating that the canvas has been pulled up consistently.
11. All the more significantly, the canvas currently shows a suspension, uniform in pressure, on the request of a trampoline.
12. This can be watched if the extended canvas remains along its long side and if a solid pack is made with the hand toward one side of the canvas. This will make a wave which might be seen to pursue clear over the canvas.
Keyword: Boat insurance
Notwithstanding whether you are just beginning to consider purchasing a little boat, or have been a dedicated boater for a significant long time, it's valuable for yourself to mindful with the benefits of boat insurance. It's likewise as guaranteeing the safety of your boat as you do with your cars if there any misfortune.
It is imperative to call attention to that purchasing a boat is an enormous venture by a speculator.
The insurance covers most of the harm
Considering how your boat can be harmed, one of the essential points of interest of this is its ability to offer incorporation to this sort of damage. It guarantees you against wounds to yourself just as an account of the boat mishaps. As indicated by an overview in 2010, 4,604 vessel mishaps result in 672 passing and 3,153 wounds. Another advantage of this is its capacity to give therapeutic instalments to enable you to back the expenses related to these watercraft-related injuries.

Obligation Coverage
Correspondingly, as you can strike another vehicle all over the place, boaters understand that setbacks can in like manner happen in the water
Misfortune Replacement
In case your vessel sinks. This is a result of hopeless harm which is a noteworthy budgetary misfortune for a carrier. It very well may be created to consolidate full-scale mishap substitution so your vessel can return in a brief time period.
It's Cost-Effective
Nobody wishes to spend more cash than the individual needs to. Keep in mind that dropping your procedure and beginning it again can be more expensive than having it reliably.
On the off chance that you drop the technique after each season, you'll pay the entire whole on your deductible in case you have to put forth a defence.
Notwithstanding whether you're a cultivated boater or another owner, it's a perfect chance to examine insurance for your vessel confirmation. On the off chance that you're so far suspicious about the thing, these points of interest will induce you for the most part.

Biological Protection
In case your boat has harm and openings. It likewise spills fuel and oil into the water or sinks to the base of the ocean or lake. As a proprietor, it's your obligation to pay for its support and cleanup. Regardless, that consolidates annihilation departure and fuel spill, you won't pay it from your pocket.

Keyword: Yacht insurance

For most people in the world, an ideal vacation means spending time with close friends and family, away from busy city life into the deep and tranquil water. Being a yacht owner isn’t just valuable in terms of the enjoyment that you get your own
Yacht owners, each year eagerly look forward to the end of the summer season. At that time they can finally unlock their vessels and set sail for new destinations.
Imagine an unexpected incident happened out in the middle of the sea that puts the safety of your yacht and people on board at risk. The smallest mishaps turn the ideal vacation ruined within a matter of seconds. To tackle these kinds of mishaps some insurance company provide a customized insurance policy that can take the load off.

Yacht Insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage
Even the most careful of yacht owners face accidents during yacht riding. That is why most of the yacht owner buy comprehensive insurance coverage.
Here are five key benefits of having yacht insurance. It comes with different options.

1 It provides Extensive damage coverage
Yacht need a large investment that is a big commitment and high cost is required to repairs when its components get damaged. Yacht are often get damaged due to collisions with another boat, being struck by submerged or floating objects, or running aground.

2 It also provides coverage for personal injuries
Yacht related mishaps are not just fatal, but can also put lives at risk. The risks of a personal injury can never be ruled out when you are out there in the sea, even if the odd one is not that great. A yacht insurance policy can be extended to include coverage for treatment and hospitalization resulting from injuries sustained onboard.

3 Offers cushion to the most recognizably terrible
A characteristic change in the atmosphere causes total harm or demolition. Insurance can bob once again from such money-related misfortunes and set yacht back on the water in a matter of moments.

4 Yacht insurance guaranteed to provide peace of mind

Yachting on a deep Blue Ocean is a recreational activity that helps unwind in the lap of nature. But the good thing is a vacation when you are constantly worried about something that might not be going to wrong. A comprehensive yacht insurance coverage provides that can truly leave all worries behind and provide a valuable time off in the sea.

LinkedIn Profile 

A natural leader and self-motivated life insurance expert/consultant, with a strong academic background in business administration, having exceptional interpersonal skills and 12 years of practical exposure in insurance industry, who is always willing to go out of comfort zone to move on, to develop, to grow and striving to improve output each time. Being passionate about the insurance business, I started my own company The Price Group, A final expense insurance agency. I am always on the lookout for people who are looking for opportunities to use the skills effectively and efficiently, along with out of box approach to provide services that create customer delight. I use my competent analytical ability, effective communication, and collaborative leadership skills to benefit the company. Having a unique combination of extensive skills and exposure in High standard insurance industry, I aspire to become leader in insurance business. I always believe in building long term relationships with customers and satisfying customers through high-quality customer dealings. Apart from skills I have experience of working as a Procurement Specialist in Petroleum, Subcontracts Management, Inspection, and Transportation as well. I only believe my corporate values to be professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and customer focus, with such values we train our employees in a way that customers get high-quality standards services from our trained and professional’s representatives. We believe in innovation and never want our customers to leave our office without being satisfied.

I have set differentiation and came up with the uniqueness in my business. we are customer-focused, we look for the needs for customers, meet the needs and provide top-notch service. Once customers get what they are looking for and are satisfied, long term relationship is built.
LinkedIn Profile Being a self-driven and passionate person, I have some well-defined goals in my life. I have a passion to work in various field of life, like education, business, and freelancing. After completing my BS in chemistry, I started to work in different institutes and college with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student. I have the ability to motivate students to their goals. The passion to educate students comes from my mother. She is working for child education in our home town for more than 25 years. My parents also build a school to educate children that cannot afford educational expenses. After completing MS Chemistry, I am also involved in manufacturing and exporting surgical instrument to full fill the desire of my father. My father has an urge to export surgical product all around the world. I am also working as a freelancer to earn extra money and help students in my hometown to get a better education. Lastly, I am a socialized person. After reading this you think that you're like-minded then do connect with me!

Cover Letter
Date 30, 1, 2019
Respected Reader,
I am writing to apply for the post of President at Future Frontiers Conference. I believe that I have the skills as well as enthusiasm to lead the conference as a President. I did MS Chemistry form GC Women University Sialkot.
I was also a member of Istakhshaf Chemical Society of GC Women University Sialkot and performed my duties as a Program Manager and organized different seminars on research findings in Chemistry. During my post job, I organized a symposium at GC Women University Sialkot at which Dr Hira Khalid (Ambassador of ACS in Pakistan and also a young follower of IUPAC) and Dr Amina Sadiq (Doctorate from Bielefeld University Germany, on German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) Scholarship) presented their doctoral research.
During my course studies, I won the “Best Poster” title in a poster competition organized by HEC at GC Women University on the topic of “Silver Nanoparticles as an effective drug against HIV Aids.” I also synthesized Copper oxide nanoparticles during my MS research work.
I also, attend one-day seminars and conferences on the topic of Nano Chemistry by Dr Akhiyar Farrukh from Forman Christian College, Gold particles as an effective drug by Dr Saeed Muhammad Iqbal Professor of FC College Lahore and how to write an effective research article by Suleiman Digim from Turkey.
I also participated at Kinnaird’s 1st International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (2nd-4th April 2019) as a presenter on the topic of “Green synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles using Jasminium sambac leaves extract.”
Now I am interested in utilizing my knowledge and skills in your research institute. My CV is enclosed for your further consideration. If you have any question you can email me at xyzzy.
Thanks for your time and consideration in advance.


Enthusiastic self-starting freelancer currently curating the content for a 3-day festival in Dubai. Experience in events in the cultural and non-profit sector, as well as education. Looking to expand my portfolio working for innovative, socially responsible organisations. MA in Literature at Humboldt University in Berlin.

WORK EXPERIENCE (04/2017 – Present)
Creative Content Manager 
 Research creative industry-related topics.
 Identify audience preferences and interests.
 Work with the speakers on the content of the talks and workshops.
  Write informative and engaging descriptions of talks and workshops.
 Cooperate with marketing and PR to promote and publicise the event.

English Language Assistant Wall Street English (11/2012 – 12/2016) 

 Provide students with help and guidance throughout the course.
 Social Media Manager for top location's Facebook page.
  Founder of a monthly book club. Freelance Online Editor Fashion for Home (07/2011 – 11/2012)
 Write optimized content for UK and US sites.
 Off-page optimization (blogs, qualitative link building).

Program Coordinator Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (02/2011 – 07/2011) 

 Help organize "The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy". Event Coordinator (European Voluntary Service) Terra di Mezzo NGO (07/2010 – 01/2011)
 Help organize two international meetings for young leaders, International Summer Week and International Winter Week.
 Write articles for the website and newsletters and press releases in Romanian and English. SKILLS  Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Ability to work under pressure
 Excellent time management and organisation skills
 Self-motivation Teamwork Creativity
 Copywriting Critical thinking SEO and SEM

EDUCATION MA European Literature, Humboldt University Berlin (10/2014 – Present)

BA Philosophy, University of Bucharest (10/2005 – 06/2008)
PERSONAL PROJECTS Romanian Course Cottbus University (10/2017 – 07/2018)
Designed and taught a language course for students in a bilingual BA (German/Romanian) Romanian Courses at Romanian Cultural Institute (10/2015 – Present)
 Designed and taught over 10 language courses for different levels of LANGUAGES
 Romanian
 English
 German
 Spanish
 Italian

 Literature Contemporary art Graphic Design
 Tech & Innovation Languages Fashion Design

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