About Me

Little Bit About Me

Being a self-driven and passionate person, I have some well-defined goals in my life. I have a passion to work in various field of life, like education, Space science discoveries, business, Blogging and freelancing. 

My Education: 

                                        After completing my BS in chemistry, I started to work in different institutes and college with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student.

The passion to educate students comes from my mother. She worked for child education in our home town for more than 25 years. My parents also build a school to educate children that cannot afford educational expenses.

Now I have completed a degree in MS Chemistry, 

What Inspires Me to Write My Scientific Space:

                 During my childhood, my mother at every night told me stories about stars, space and astronauts. She told me about how our solar system works. How day and night change etc....
After listening to these stories from my mother, curiosity to learn the new things about space sciences being increased day by day. At the start, I wrote about stars and planets on my diary but now I want to share my research and thinking about our Universe to the whole world.

Please read my blog and share your views about it. I will appreciate your thoughts about my work.

Hafsa Naeem

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