By Hafsa Naeem - September 13, 2019

“There is a Plenty of Room at the Bottom” Richard Feynman

Did you know what happens if Nicolaus Copernicus was not born, we still believed that our planet is at the centre of the solar system and there are only one sun and one moon.

 If Giordano Bruno was not taken the risk to study the banned books like “On the nature of things” written by Titus Lucretius. We still believe that we are standing on a flat surface, living under the Blue Umbrella having small tiny and shiny dots(stars) on it. 

If these old concepts were not changed by great astronomers, we were not able today to take the first step towards space, our first step on the moon and send missions on Mars.
Now it is considered that our  Earth is not alone in this entire Universe. Earth is actually a tiny blue dot standing in space with millions of other stars, galaxies, and superclusters.
Now we know that our earth is present at the centre of the solar system, the Solar system is the part of Milkyway galaxies, A combination of galaxies is considered as a local group, a cluster of groups is known as Virgo cluster and that is observable Universe.

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