WAY TOWARDS THE LIGHT: A Short story on the Lifespan Jabir Ibn Hayyan

By Hafsa Naeem - August 31, 2019

Being a Chemistry student. I have a passion for chemistry. My blog is incomplete without writing about a famous scientist, who worked day and night to learn and teach his findings to other people. He is non-other than Jabir -Ibn-Hayyan. He is also known as "Father of  Chemistry".

As a Chemist, I want to give him thanks for giving us such a wonderful subject. Without him, we can not proceed further in this field.
 So here I go to write about him. 

Jabir Ibn Hayyan 
Date of Birth  721 (Hijri Year)
Date of death 815  (Hijri Year)

Origin of Chemistry and Applied Sciences
Chemical engineering, biochemistry, and field in which chemistry plays a vital role are just because of one person efforts. Every chemist knows very well about The Father of Modern Chemistry the one and only Jabir ibn Hayyan. He was born in Iran (Tus) around 721BC. He is famous for his remarkable research and inventions about various chemicals and chemicals method. His well-known invention is sulphuric acid. He was also the pioneer of applied sciences and invented many applied chemical processes.

Early Education

Jabir Ibn Hayyan practised medicine in Kufa around 776 CE. He was reported to study under the supervision of great Imam Ja'far Sadiq (R. A) and ummayad Prince Khalid Ibn Yazid. During Abbasid caliphate of Haron Ul Rasheed, he practised medicine under the patronage of Baramati Vizir. He shared some of the downfall effects of Baramakis and was placed under the house of arrest in Kufa, where he died in 883(C.E).

Contribution In Chemistry
 His contribution to chemistry and its fundamental importance includes the perfection of scientific techniques such as Crystallization,  Calcination,  Distillation, Sublimation, and Evaporation. He also developed instruments for these processes.

Alembic (Anbaiq)

Jabir Ibn Hayyan is also famous for the synthesis of Sulphuric acid. He prepared this mineral acid in his Alembic.


Alembic is a distilling apparatus, now it's known as obsolete. It consisting of a rounded necked flask and a cap with a long beak for condensing and conveying a product to the receiver. 

How Sulphuric Acid is prepared? 
A lesson by Jabir Ibn Hayyan to his students 

Once he teaches his students how to prepare sulphuric acid from sulphur compound. 
He told his students to take " 3/4 of limestone (CaO) and add 1/4 of sulphur compound (in powder form) in it. Then add an equal amount of water and boil the whole solution. When the red colour of solution gone then add more water in it and boil it again. After boiling when solution remains half of its original quantity then acid of sulphur compound is prepared".

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  1. Remarkable😍history of our great Chemist

  2. It is known when a person gets his/her education or knowledge from the *Imam of the time* than he/she must becomes a scientist or a great man...... Because *Imam of the time* teachs the *Holy Islam*.... And *Holy Islam* is the way of success, faith, knowledge and reality