Secrets of Stars: A Book by Inez N. Mcfee

By Hafsa Naeem - August 30, 2019

Secrets of Stars: A Book by Inez N. Mcfee

A well-known book on stars is written by non-other than Inez N.  Mcfee, who is also the writer of  ''Stories of American Invention'' and ''Little tales of common things''. This book is just not an ordinary book. This book is responsible for the birth of the famous astronomer, Carl Sagan. Who was inspired by stars in his childhood and wanted to know what they are? Carl Sagan read this book to know what the stars really are.

A famous poem on stars ''Twinkle Twinkle little stars'' when comes to mind everyone knows that it's about stars. But when a future astronomer (Carl Sagan) read these lines in his childhood the line sounds like......

Twinkle Twinkle great big Stars
Astronomers know just what you are? 
The selfsame stuff in space between.
Its atom rare and quite unseen

We began as wanderers and we still wanderers......

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